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new but will never be new to the greatness of animation

"I AM A GIRL!" Shriek yells on this early morn on nicktoons tv.

Greetings salutations cartoon lovers of new and old. I have to say that I spend a lot of obsession with cartoons. I still can't get enough of my favs from classic years on to present.

My fav recent ones are Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, South Park, Family Guy, and Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.

I also do prefer the western (usa) cartoons as mentioned in user info. I'm not real big with anime, sorry pokemon fans. lol

I would love so much to be apart of a cartoon I think it would be the ultimate in fun.

i have a cartoon community for my foster's obsession it's a simple claims community if any foster fans would like to check it out.

hope to have lots of fun here, and to start off let me ask a question of you guys. If you could be in any cartoon what would it be and why?
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Spanky: "Lether go, you idiot!"
Wooldoor: "No, YOU let her go!"
Monkeyfist: "Stop that nonsense immediately!"
Spanky: "I was asking her first to hang out with me!"
Wooldoor: "But she likes me more that you!"
Monkeyfist: "G-BOT! SAVE YOUR MASTER!"
G-Bot: "Not now! I have to concentrate!"
Ling-Ling: "You going down, sucker! Heheheh!"

Man, it's about time that I submit fanart of Spanky, Ham and Wooldoor Sockbat, isn't it? ^^; I haven't drawn them for a long time!

G-Bot (A Robotboy/Powerpuff girls crossover) and Intruder Monkeyfist (an Invader Zim parody) are my own characters from my fantiction "Drawn Together Survival".

Spanky Ham, Ling-Ling and Wooldoor Sockbat belong to Comedy Central.