diddykin (diddykin) wrote in cartoonkin,


I feel like I've finally found a group that would understand my predicament.

I've always known I've had "monkey spirits", and often felt a phantom tail, since I was 4 or 5. I've also felt a very mystical connection to the jungle, an attraction to warm climates, and an extreme dislike of reptiles. Flashfoward many years, when I would come into contact with the character "Diddy Kong", and know that I shared a great connection to the character.

Since than I've been coming to terms with my existence with no small amount of difficulty. I'm goping that this LJ would provide education from peers of similar conditions.
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September 23 2006, 19:53:59 UTC 11 years ago

I know what you are all wondering.......... "Why the Hell did you decide to put Bass on your Teen Titans X team?!" ...because I wanted to. I like Bass, and I like Teen Titans too, so I decided to put Bass on the team and some others.

Hmm....I am thinking now of changing hie image...to make him look more like he is a goth from Azarath..
(in other words..more like Raven)
I have always felt very VERY close to the monkey as well...

Not as much to the chimp, of course, or moreso the bonobo. I can relate to different aspects they have. But they're sort of like 3d graphics. So humanlike that it turns 'Polar Express' on you and becomes creepy.

Monkeys are distant enough to be cool. Plus they want to kill you if you smile at them, that's awesome. The Curious George movie was very enjoyable.

I have played all three of the DKC games, but not the more recent ones with the bongo incorporation.

I beat the first and third. The 2nd was too hard. I didn't complete teh secret world in #3, THAT is the true game right there.

If you like monkeyish people, you would enjoy Mew Pudding on Tokyo Mew Mew. She is affiliated with an endangered/extinct monkey with a name like 'lion' that sounds like another animal. She is also a martial artist, with a lolicon suitor student of her father, but then she hangs with Taro Taro.