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cartoonkin's Journal

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Our goal is to provide an online community for those who believe their soul is "Cartoon" or "Comic Book" derived.

"But Shoes", you ask, "Wasn't the whole otherkin thing absurd enough without throwing pop culture into the mix?"

To you I say, first of all, GET LOST. This community is only for those deep and untainted with cynicism enough to see and BELIEVE the fact that (for example) Spongebob Squarepants is in fact the shadow of a greater truth that just happened to fall upon the inspired hand of one Stephen Hillenburg.

Second of all, I entreat you to ask yourself how much normal otherkin base their beliefs on older, more legitimate mythology in the first place. For example, don't most gryphon-kin draw more from say, the works of Mercedes Lackey than from the horse-terrorizing, gold-hoarding beasts of old? The fact is that what is true in peoples' hearts has changed much over the centuries, and someone who feels deeply connected with a member of the Gangrene Gang has as much right to their belief as any Christian or Jew does to theirs.

Furthermore, Western cartoons have often been belittled and considered ABSURD in the eyes of the otherkin community, but I believe this is merely a reflection of the culture that spawned them. Unable to take anything strange seriously, Americans have rendered as ridiculous their own beautiful characters, and now it is time for those of us with INTIMATE KNOWLEDGE of these wonderful otherworldly creatures that have manifested themselves here as cartoons to SPEAK UP. Are you with me, Internet?